LEGO Renders

Articles on how I build and render virtual LEGO bricksóplus pretty pictures.
Now It Is the Time to Give My LEGO Renders Some Love

I canít believe how many LEGO sets I built and rendered using POV-Ray. Over the years, starting in 1996, Iíve built 125 different modelsóyes I counted them. To note, that doesnít include the variations or alternate scenes within each set. Around the same time, I started to share my models online. To my surprise, many of my models were never shared! Itís time for me to fix that!

Posted yesterday by Steven 6 min read

Struck by Random Inspiration, Here Are the LEGO Renders From Last Month

Sometimes inspiration arrives from odd places. For years, I have subscribed to BrinkSet’s newsfeed which serves up a random set of the day. A recent airplane set got me interested in playing with Mecabricks again. Plus Scrubs had released an update for his Advanced Blender Script. How exciting is it to flip through your feeds and end the day creating something. Even better, it sparked more renders that allowed me to escape pandemic news, if only for a bit.

Posted 3 days ago by Steven 6 min read

A New Pair of Images to Test out Mecabricks

Over the weekend, Mecabricks released an overhaul of its parts system. As noted in his announcement, it culminates over six months of research and development. Not wanting to lose the opportunity, I took the time to model and render a couple of images using the new system. So far, Iím enjoying the changes.

Posted Jan 22 by Steven 2 min read

A New Year Dragon for the New Decade

Iíd taken a bit of hiatus from my LEGO rendering in the later half of last year. Life sometimes kick you in the teeth and some pleasures fall to the way side. Rendering was one of them. To my benefit, other interests flourished. But my heart was still yearning. Trying to kick off the new decade, I grabbed a model of the latest LEGO mini-build and set to work.

Posted Jan 14 by Steven 4 min read

Spring Is the Time for Fun with LEGO Bricks

Spring is in full swing and Iíve taken time away from running to complete a few LEGO renders. The topics range from movie blockbusters, old BASIC sets, to random sets from Pinterest. I even did some experimenting with Mecabricks rendering to see how it compared with mine. Here are four images to show off this Spring.

Posted Jun 02, 2019 by Steven 4 min read

Have a Super Happy Blocky Easter!

With the arrival of Spring and warmer weather, I found myself inspired by the cheerful colors. Looking through my pins for ideas, a rainbow sparked my creativity. Thoughts of an Easter hunt with eggs and grass completed the theme. The blocky nature of the LEGO bricks invoke adolescence and whimsy.

Posted Apr 19, 2019 by Steven 4 min read

Here Are the Two Faces of Moai on Rapa Nui

After posting my artistic image of Custombricksí Moai, I decided to share the models on Mecabricks. I probably should have checked first, as I found others had already shared. Oops. Nevertheless it was also an opportunity to download and render the models for a more realistic image.

Posted Mar 29, 2019 by Steven 1 min read

Moai on Easter Island

Although I posted this on Flickr awhile back, Iím getting around to sharing on my blog. I was looking for something quick to render and had this Moai of Rapa Nui from custombrick in my Pinterest. Not thinking twice, I was off to Mecabricks to build the scene.

Posted Mar 27, 2019 by Steven 2 min read

February Fun with a Sleeping Lego Caterpillar and More

As February closes, I thought it fitting to recap my renders this month. Four in total, although not quite one a week. Added to last monthís render, Iíve almost shared as many as last year. Hopefully this means a lot more LEGO fun is in store for the rest of year. Letís walk back through them and see what Iíve been up to.

Posted Feb 25, 2019 by Steven 4 min read

Time to Kick off 2019 with a Render

Itís been awhile since I rendered a LEGO model. Checking into Mecabricks, I noticed a comment that the name plate for my Sydney model had been added. Although someone had been kind enough to add it to the model, the render was now out of date. So, I got to work updating it!

Posted Jan 30, 2019 by Steven 2 min read

Time for More Ocean Fun in Blender and Mecabricks

I generated water in a previous model, but I wasn’t overly happy with it. It was a bit too smooth—more like bath water. So, I tried again with a different LEGO model. And, this time I’m pleased with the results.

Posted Feb 18, 2018 by Steven 3 min read

How to Add Stickers to Complete My Renders

Taking some time to unwind before my workout, I traced out the last few stickers needed to finish this set. Although I had the images from previous POV-Renders, they weren’t of a high enough quality. I’m not done with this set yet. But, it is close to what is sitting in my storage cases.

Posted Feb 04, 2018 by Steven 8 min read

Donít Just Fix a Mistake, Try Something New

While uploading my last render, I noticed that something was wrong with my Windmill. It didnít take long to figure out what. When Iíd rotated the top part, I must have grabbed the wrong rotation point. Easy fix, but I needed to do more then render it again. Time to play in Blender.

Posted Jan 14, 2018 by Steven 2 min read

Enjoy the New Year with a Pair of Renders

Starting the year off with new renders of old LEGO sets. Both of these are from 1976 and are great examples of the styles from that era. Trying out some different lighting techniques, I enjoyed rendering these as much as building them.

Posted Jan 06, 2018 by Steven 2 min read

2017 Was A Fantastic Year For Renders

Last year is over, but it was one of my more prolific years for LEGO renders. I ended up sharing 67 renders on Flickr, plus a few other renders I did only for Mecabricks. I even have a few test images squirreled away I wonít be sharing. As we close out 2017, here are the last of the images from December.

Posted Jan 02, 2018 by Steven 6 min read

Here Are a Few Renders to Kick of December

Trying to keep with my promise, here are my latest LEGO renders. Each is an experiment. Iím trying different techniques, or testing new ideas. Some work, and some donít. But, thatís okay. Life is about learning and trying. Why shouldnít my hobbies be the same? Letís dig in.

Posted Dec 06, 2017 by Steven 6 min read

Time to Catch up on My Lego Renders

Although I havenít posted many picture lately, I havenít been idle. Old, new, large, and small, Iíve been trying out a few different things over last two months. Of course, this was between working, running, and other projects. So, time to catch up! Here are five images to round our your day.

Posted Dec 03, 2017 by Steven 4 min read

Bringing New Life to an Old Lego Taxi Garage Set

Browsing through my collection of ideas on Pinterest, I ran across a great vintage taxi set. At first glance, it seemed Mecabricks would have all the pieces needed. Yet, that wasnít the case. A few key pieces were missing, which required some ingenuity on my part.

Posted Oct 15, 2017 by Steven 2 min read

A Quick Blender Render of a Colorful and Happy Dinosaur

With the recent release of Blender 2.79, which officially supports filmic color and denoising filter. Keeping current, Mecabricks released the latest advanced blender add-in that supports it. Besides the above changes, it supports the Principled shader also introduced in 2.79. Adding all that up, it was time to do a little testing.

Posted Sep 29, 2017 by Steven 2 min read

Overcome Your Attachment to the Weighted Companion Cube

Portal was one of those games that game out of no where. Released as an add-on to the Orange Box, the Half-Life 2 box edition for consoles, the puzzler shined. Combining wry humor with entertaining game play, Portal gained a place in pop culture. In one of the more memorable levels, you are given a weighted companion cube. This heart embossed cube replaces the more generic ones used in early, and later, levels. Given a game filled with loneliness, the companion cube helps fill that void. Portal does such a good job of hamming it up, that it comes as a surprise when you must dispose of the cube to continue on. It’s heartbreaking, even if the cube is an inanimate object. As an iconic part of the game, I was excited to replicate it in LEGO bricks.

Posted Sep 03, 2017 by Steven 4 min read

Spider, I See You Hiding in the Window

I was actually working on a different model when an idea struck me. Wanting an object to look abandoned and old, I grabbed a spider web and threw a black spider in it for fun. But, the web was too large, so I left it off to the side. Getting back to it yesterday, inspiration took a different direction.

Posted Aug 04, 2017 by Steven 3 min read

Enjoy This Cute Little Octopus That Floated By

I havenít cranked out pictures as much lately. My intent was to work on my writing this month, but life and work intruded. Uninspired to write last night, I searched for something new to render. This cute little LEGO creature offered me a nice diversion.

Posted Jul 14, 2017 by Steven 3 min read

Trying Not to Be Sad Today with My Love of LEGO

July 4th is bitter sweet for me. Iíve always enjoyed the holiday with its fireworks and celebration. Food, fair and patriotism mix for a usually fun day. Yet, my wifeís mother died on the 4th, making it a day of remembrance and sadness. Time to find something to take my mind off it.

Posted Jul 04, 2017 by Steven 4 min read

Enjoy This Simple and Elegant LEGO Dragonfly

Each month I check to see what the latest LEGO mini build is. Since I donít have a local LEGO Store, I often build and render them using virtual bricks. This month, I only needed to render it as as mathieub already built it. Yet, I decided to give it a little character.

Posted Jun 23, 2017 by Steven 2 min read

What Happens When You Mix Together Balloons, Boise and Bricks?

One of the first things I saw when I arrived in Idaho were colorful balloons floating across the brown desert and blue skies. A defining moment that Iíve carried with me for the almost 20 years Iíve lived here. So, when I came across Visionary Bricksí hot air ballon I had the perfect picture in mind.

Posted Jun 18, 2017 by Steven 4 min read