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A Clean and Friendly Website for 2022
Over the last month, I’ve been doing some housekeeping on my website. I’ve had a few lingering issues to take care of. Unsurprisingly, this led me down a few different paths. From simple fixes to big ones, I’ve made a few subtle changes that impact the feel of my site…
Posted Feb 06 by Steven 12 min read

Shoot the UFOs in This Simple ZX81 Game
Taking a minor departure this Memorial Weekend, my ZX81 program is actually from my childhood best friend. Neighbors during our time in Italy, Jeremy and I spent a lot of time together playing with our LEGO bricks, D&D, and on our computers. U.F…
Posted May 26, 2019 by Steven 4 min read

My 2016 Site Makeover
Finally making the leap, I released a new template for my primary website this weekend. As noted in the past, I’ve been fed up with my 2006 based theme and have been testing out new designs for a few months now…
Posted Apr 10, 2016 by Steven 6 min read

Favoring Icons
I’m slowing working through updating my site. Recently, I decided to update my icons. I’ve been using favorite icons for years—favicon.ico for those that care. But, it was old and boring. Time to update. The world has progressed a bit though…
Posted Jan 12, 2016 by Steven 3 min read

How to Build a Site - Again
I’ve been using this theme and with the WebAPP CMS for a few years now. Unfortunately, it is getting a bit old in the tooth. Although mostly flat, which fits nicely with today’s designs, it isn’t responsive. In fact, the original mobile version of the site was for the Palm Pilot. Really? So, …
Posted Aug 20, 2015 by Steven 2 min read

Giving Up On Maps
Sad to say, but I’ve deactivated the Who’s Amung Us map widget I had been using. They’ve changed the way the pins are saved and it is pretty much useless to me now. I enjoyed seeing where I received visits from…
Posted Aug 29, 2008 by Steven 2 min read

Tag Cloud
I’ve been using the tag cloud concept on a lot of other sites and find it useful at times. The idea is pretty simple, supply keywords or tags to your content. Those tags are then counted and a tag cloud of links is displayed, with more frequent links larger then less frequent ones…
Posted Nov 11, 2007 by Steven 2 min read

Fun With Article Icons
Although the default icons that come with WebAPP are nice, I thought I’d try to create a few original ones. I’ve tried to update most (but not quite all) of the icons that I have categories using pictures from from collection…
Posted Mar 09, 2007 by Steven 1 min read

Slideshow R2c and BlogCal Mod R2d Updates
Sigh. Seems all I seem to do lately is update my Mods. Truth is, I’ve been working on another web site, but found some issues adding in my Slideshow Mod and decided, while I was there, to fix a few other minor annoyances I had with it. I also cleaned up some minor issues in BlogCal as well. For th…
Posted Feb 11, 2007 by Steven 1 min read

Blog Calendar R2c (Fix)
Sigh. Another day, another bug. Seems that writing scripts for my theme meant that I was missing some issues that occur if you run Blog Calendar on a standard WebAPP install. So, here is the latest fix for your Blogging pleasure: Blog Calendar Mod
Posted Jan 27, 2007 by Steven 1 min read

Blog Calendar R2b (Fix)
Darn, I hate it when I miss simple issues. Two more bug fixes in this release. First, the wrong year was being passed when pulling articles. The second one was that I wasn’t properly translating 2 digit years passed as arguments. Again, you can download the latest version from here. If you are run…
Posted Jan 15, 2007 by Steven 1 min read

Blog Mod Updated to R2a
Oops! I had a minor bug in the current month display. A bad assumption on my part that was easily corrected. You can download the lastest version from here. If you are running R2, you just need to update the blogcal.cgi file.
Posted Jan 06, 2007 by Steven 1 min read

New Downloads Section
For those interested in using the various WebAPP Mods I created, you can now download them from the Downloads section. Currently, this includes the latest Slideshow and Calendar Mods. Enjoy!
Posted Jan 06, 2007 by Steven 1 min read

Migrated Site to WebAPP NE
Well, after spending a few months adding back in my slide show and calendar, I’ve converted my site to WebAPP NE. Please let me know if anything doesn’t work quite right. My main reason to convert to WebAPP was to not have to start from scratch in writing my own comments system…
Posted Jan 06, 2007 by Steven 1 min read

Blog Calendar Release 2
I’ve updated the Blog Calendar Mod to revision 2. It includes the two calendar option and fixes some bugs I found while cleaning up the code.
Posted Jan 02, 2007 by Steven 1 min read

More BlogCal Fun
JackDeth recommended a two calendar blog, and it was a note worthy challenge. I still need to package it up, but there are now two calendars at your disposal. If nothing else, I was able to clean the code up a bit and make it a bit more modular. So, anything else…
Posted Dec 22, 2006 by Steven 1 min read

Finished My Blog Calendar MOD
Okay, finished my Blog Calendar MOD today. It is currently available here. Edit: Please let me know if you find this Mod useful.
Posted Dec 17, 2006 by Steven 1 min read

Blog Cal Working!
Well, I have my Blog Calendar Mod working. You can now click the date and it will displays articles on that day. Took me a bit to figure out all the different routines that WebAPP uses to do things, but once I found the right code, it doesn’t look too bad. Now, I just need to package it up and g…
Posted Dec 13, 2006 by Steven 1 min read

Blog Calendar Mod
Working on re-creating my Blog Calendar as a Mod for WebAPP NE. I think I have the MOD fleshed out, but I may have a slight problem. It doesn't appear that WebAPP can display articles based on date. [frown] Maybe I should be creating a Blog module. [smile]
Posted Dec 03, 2006 by Steven 1 min read

WebAPP Back-end
I’ve changed out my back-end Perl scripts using WebAPP — Web Automated Perl Portal System. The task of writing my own scripts to allow comments, article management, and all the security around them seemed more effort then I had time…
Posted Nov 22, 2006 by Steven 1 min read

Fun With Images
I finally got around to updating the top of the site with a nice picture. It is one of a number of pictures I took during my business trip to Singapore last year. I liked the colors in the harbor along with the interesting skyline…
Posted Jul 28, 2006 by Steven 1 min read

RSS Update
Okay, you probably won’t see any differences, but my blog is now a valid RSS feed. Okay, may not seem by much, but I was actually trying to get it to work in IE7. If you have IE7, or other reader that recognizes the <categories> tag, you should see my categories as well…
Posted Jun 20, 2006 by Steven 1 min read