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ZX81 Header Tweaks

To match the rest of my site, I added more descriptive titles and tags when you list or run a program. This should allow search engines to better categorize and share them. I want to redo all of this functionality, but this is a step forward.

Oh, as an afterthought, you can now click the programs’s image to run it. It felt more intuitive.

2 days ago

Fixing “read more”
Bug Fix

When I made a change to the “read more” option to align it with other uses, I broke it. Seems I updated the code, but not the URL. All fixed now.

Oct 05

Sigs & Userbar fixes
Bug Fix

The “US Analog to Digital TV Conversion Countdown Userbar” now displays correctly. I forgot to update the paths when moved.

Also, the userbar description was designed to allow HTML and BBCODE in the text, but I didn’t apply the conversions. Oops. Descriptions are now working as expected. To be sure, I added my 3v userbar as a test.

Oct 04

Other minor changes to landing pages

I didn’t like how the icon appeared in the changelog entries, so I moved them! I also made them blue—just because.

I also did a little cleanup on the Random Names page. Tag was a bit redundant and I wanted to make it easier to refresh the page. I added a link to it’s article, and outlined the names to better offset them from the top content.

Oct 04

Menu changes and new sigs/userbar page

I cleaned up the menus yesterday, fixing links and adding icons. Changed other sites section to other apps with new links to pages. Goal is to prepare for my other sites going away.

Migrated my sigs landing paging into the main site as a landing page. Added dynamic management of signatures with links to any articles describing them. I also added in the ability to copy links to the signatures with a method that works in Safari. This is all a precursor to retiring the old sites.