A fun and fresh way to display changes I’ve been making on my blog.

5 days ago

Can now view statistics

As promised yesterday, anyone can now view the site statistics. I only needed to flip a config option. So happy for easy changes.

6 days ago

Updated Stats Page

I played around with the statistics page today. Currently members only, but working to get a version anyone can see. Added some bootstrap panels and used ChartsJS to add a little color to some of the stats.

Aug 14

Login fixed, again
Bug Fix

Well, I screwed up the login the other day when I re-wrote the code. Not sure what I was doing, but it had the wrong information in the form. It is fixed and should work again. Hopefully I didn’t break the registration code too.

Aug 01

Category Images Return—Sort Of

During my last site redesign, I removed the category images. Today, I added them back, but only in specific cases. Although I usually try to add an image to my articles, some don't need them. In those cases, I wanted to use the default category image.

As of today, articles without images will display the category’s instead. This now works in most sections including the top news, article and RSS feed. It’s a rather simple fix that reduces article creation and provides a consistent look to the site.

With this in place, I can now update the article view to look like the top news. That is a change for a future date. For now, I’ve added it to my backlog.

Jun 13

Turned on SSL

As of today, I now have SSL enabled for my primary website. By default, it will now redirect to https. I did some house cleaning to fix any warnings or blocked content, but I’m sure I missed a few things. Note that this change doesn’t impact my subdomains. Over the next few months, I plan to phase out the subdomains in favor of landing pages within my primary domain.