A fun and fresh way to display changes I’ve been making on my blog.

A mess of ZX81 articles.

Announcement May 22

I’ve moved all of my old ZX81 articles over. This is a straight move, so there are a few duplicates and such that need to be cleaned up. I’ll be working through that over the next few days. Pardon the dust while construction is on-going.

Cleaning up category sizes.

New Feature Mar 27

This is a bit of a nit, but I always thought it odd that the “View # more articles” line displayed the article count. It boils down to the use of “more.” I had two options: remove it, or fix the count. I chose the later and now subtract the articles currently on display.

If the article count is less than six, it doesn’t display the line at all. You can still go to the topic page by clicking the title. This is cleaner. To further tie the design back, I shortened and matched the style to other elements.

A change for changelog.

New Feature Mar 27

Although a minor improvement, changelog now looks better on mobile. The icon is now hidden and the date is moved under the title. The display now looks more streamlined.

New category RSS feed.

Announcement Mar 27

It’s been a long time in the making, but I got around to adding a category RSS feed. This was a needed step in cutting over my ZX81 sub-domain into my main site. For the 18 followers of my ZX81 feed, it is now updating again with the latest news!

Topic cleanup for mobile.

Announcement Mar 18

While working on a new feature, I found myself fixing a few things in Article Topics. Besides fixing the size of one of the category images, I didn’t like the look in mobile. Digging into the code, I played around with a few styles.

In the end, I landed on a different view in mobile from desktop. On very small screens, aka phones, I now display a small image to the right of the title. This looks better without cluttering the display. Although I like bigger images on other pages, it didn’t work as well in this view.

After cleaning a few things up, I also put in some time with the search bar at the bottom. It now matches the one in the new search module. As a side effort, I made a few tweaks to the search router. Otherwise, the functionality is the same.