A fun and fresh way to display changes I’ve been making on my blog.

Feb 18

Showing active filter buttons.
New Feature

For some reason, when I added the filter buttons on Race Tracking and ZX81 Programs, I didn’t denote which was active. I rectified that today. I had to modify the w3schools code a bit as it wasn’t working right. My version is both targeted to just the filter buttons, and will remove all active tags applied to those buttons. Here is code:

// Add active class to the current button (highlight it)
var btnContainer = document.getElementById("runbuttons");
var btns = btnContainer.getElementsByClassName("btn");
for (var i = 0; i < btns.length; i++) {
  btns[i].addEventListener("click", function(){
  var btnContainer = document.getElementById("runbuttons");
  var current = btnContainer.getElementsByClassName("active");
  for (var i = 0; i < current.length; i++) {
  current[i].className = current[i].className.replace(" active", "");
  this.className += " active";

I’m debating switching from buttons to a select, but this will do until I make up my mind.

Feb 17

Cleaning up administration of topic categories, again.

Although for my benefit, I spent some time cleaning up the topic categories. I converted the management routine to use responsive tables and forms. Besides cleaning up the modification routines, I also added the ability to reorder topics. Now, I just need to add in a routine to upload images! Sigh, work is never done.

Feb 12

A few topic fixes.

Oops. Forgot to add the topics image for my running blog. That is fixed, as well as a mix up in the category name. While there, I also cleaned up the rounded the topic images to match the rest of the site. I really should fix the topic view. It really isn’t looking the way I’d like. So, spending a bit more time, I mixed it up with some panels and a different date posts. Much better.

Feb 11

Race Tracking Privacy
New Feature

I know that not everyone may want to share their races. You can now set the visibility of your races from your race menu. Just click the “eye” icon. It will change depending on status. Open eye is public. Slashed eye is private. You can flip it anytime.

Jan 29

Fixing embeds.
Bug Fix

Sometimes, it is just easier to post an embed instead of dealing with objects and other weird code. Sadly, WebAPP doesn’t support iframe tags. Well, now it does! But, I broke preview turning it on. After some searching, I figured out to get it to work again, while adding in some additional protection. If something doesn’t work, blame the developer. Crud, guess that’s me. 🙁