A fun and fresh way to display changes I’ve been making on my blog.

ZX81 player now supports Chroma.

Bug Fix Sep 29

I realized today that my z80 Digital Rain program wasn’t playing correctly. The javascript I was calling expected an element on the page that wasn’t present. I removed the element and included the correct routines to allow the Chroma hardware to display properly. Understanding the code a bit better, I might try to do some future clean-up. For now, things are working again.

Updating website image for 2021.

Announcement Sep 26

I’ve had the same turtle image on my main site since 2019 and it was time for a change. The geyser is from my recent trip to Yellow Stone.

New ZX81 Assembly Lister

Announcement Jun 19

Since listing a ZX81 program written in assembly isn’t all that interesting, I wrote a little routine to display the assembly code if available. This is a pretty simple routine, just dumping the file into a PRE.

Problems with PRE and newlines.

Bug Fix Apr 30

I really need to completely redo the way I handle text on my blog. I ran into a bit of problem today where the CMS gladly converted two newlines (HTML BR) into paragraphs (HTML P blocks) within an HTML PRE block. This effectively adding extra lines spaces I didn’t want. The short term fix was to create a new BBC BR code that prints a line break after the earlier conversion. I still have to remove the extra space. Not ideal, but it will do for now.

A bug hunting we will go in sendmail.

Bug Fix Dec 31, 2020

For some reason, emails weren’t coming in correctly. Digging, I found that there was an extra newline that messed up sendmail. Fixed! While at it, I also cleaned up some error handling in my contact form, especially for members.