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Dec 23, 2018

Weather services userbar has now been moved.
New Feature

The last of my old signature bars have been moved. You can play with the old Weather Service Userbar if you desire. Although, I’d personally stick with the updated one.

Dec 16, 2018

Weather Dynamic Usersbars moved and fixed!
New Feature

I noticed that my weather userbar was broken and decided to not only fix it, but move it to my main site. I’ll write a more in depth article later, but the short of it is Google made a change to their API.

Nov 27, 2018

Sort bug fix in tags.
Bug Fix

I fixed a bug I uncovered earlier this week where articles were sorted wrong when displaying their tag. I thought I’d set the sorting up correctly, but found that I didn’t change the compare option. Perl is a bit picky when using


vs. [code]cmp[/cmp]. One is for numbers, one is for text, and I used the wrong one. Fixed!

Nov 24, 2018

Race counts and PR’s
New Feature

Today, I added in a couple of statistics to my race tracking page that I’d been looking to add. Specially, I’ve added in the a total race count, along with the personal records (bests) and counts for the top race types. Note that these are for races in the past—future races won’t count yet.

I actually have stats for the any race type entered, but chose to limit it to keep the list manageable. I probably should add filters to exclude races, although an easy way to do that is to add a letter to the time. The counts and PR’s must be parsable times in hours:minutes:seconds.fractions, or some portion of that. Adding any letters, or leaving the time blank, will not increment that race’s count.

Nov 13, 2018

One more sort update and a new badge.
New Feature

Two changes for tonight. I fixed the sort when displaying the articles written. This took a bit longer due to the way the code has to search for the author.

The other change is to display a badge for races that need times—assuming you are logged in and have created races. I’d forgotten to update a race earlier this week, so it seemed fitting to have a reminder. Plus, I already had the code open from yesterday’s change.

As a side note, all these changes are just screaming at me to optimize the code. If the task wasn’t so large, and the fun I’m having adding features, I would have already made progress.