A fun and fresh way to display changes I’ve been making on my blog.

Fixing Userbars

Bug Fix Aug 23

I noticed that my Userbars were failing. It seems a couple of the Perl libraries were generating errors. I’ve updated or reinstalled the failing libraries and things appear to be working again.

Cleaning up comments

Bug Fix Feb 07

I found that replying to comments was missing the title, not looking quite like the rest of the site. The issue was using the wrong variable, probably a hold over from an earlier configuration. Things look a bit better after I cleaned up the issue.

Breadcrumb fixes.

Announcement Jan 21

Apparently Google is deprecating the schema for breadcrumbs. The fix was easier than I expected. I updated my breadcrumbs to use the preferred RDFa format.

A mess of ZX81 articles.

Announcement May 22, 2019

I’ve moved all of my old ZX81 articles over. This is a straight move, so there are a few duplicates and such that need to be cleaned up. I’ll be working through that over the next few days. Pardon the dust while construction is on-going.

Cleaning up category sizes.

New Feature Mar 27, 2019

This is a bit of a nit, but I always thought it odd that the “View # more articles” line displayed the article count. It boils down to the use of “more.” I had two options: remove it, or fix the count. I chose the later and now subtract the articles currently on display.

If the article count is less than six, it doesn’t display the line at all. You can still go to the topic page by clicking the title. This is cleaner. To further tie the design back, I shortened and matched the style to other elements.