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User interface cleaning - Races, Profile, and more.

Announcement Feb 06

As I was moving icons over to Bootstraps’, I started to notice that some inconsistencies in usage. Edit was sometimes a pencil, and sometimes a pencil in a square. I found the same problem with other icons. This led me down a journey of editing a large swath of files to make them more consistent. Given I was already there, I took the opportunity to make some enhancements to improve usage. I think everything is working, but I’m sure I have a few more bugs to squash.

Fun with Bootstrap Icons.

New Feature Jan 23

I’m giving Bootstrap icons a go on my site. I’ve been using FontAwesome for years, but it is always fun to try new things. You’ll still find a mix on the site while I work through all the files and articles. I really should turn my article header’s into some sort of BBCODE. That way as my style changes, I don’t have to edit hundred’s of articles.

Converting to UTF-8

New Feature Jan 09

For years, my site has been using Windows-1252 character encoding. Although it works, it isn’t considered HTML5 standard. I’d avoided the converting to UTF-8 in the past due to issues I kept running into. Today, I just made the switch and have been walking through pages and recent articles, fixing things. So far so good!

I do have some items still to fix. For all my custom code, I removed a troublesome module and that seemed to fix a lot of issues. I still need to dig deeper to see what, if anything, it may break. I did run all my changes through an HTML validator. So far so good.

Since I’m not going back to all 500+ articles on my site today, I will be slowly and updating them as I get to them. I doubt too many people will notice, but if they do I’ll jump on them sooner.

ZX81 player now supports Chroma.

Bug Fix Sep 29, 2021

I realized today that my z80 Digital Rain program wasn’t playing correctly. The javascript I was calling expected an element on the page that wasn’t present. I removed the element and included the correct routines to allow the Chroma hardware to display properly. Understanding the code a bit better, I might try to do some future clean-up. For now, things are working again.

Updating website image for 2021.

Announcement Sep 26, 2021

I’ve had the same turtle image on my main site since 2019 and it was time for a change. The geyser is from my recent trip to Yellow Stone.