A fun and fresh way to display changes I’ve been making on my blog.

Theme based tags and categories.

Announcement Jan 27

Following up from my last update, the site now has consistent article views to the top page news. Underneath the hood, I broke out the common routines and integrated the same theme calls. This not only provides a consistent look, but should carry forward if I ever update the theme. I need to clean up and optimize the code but that won’t change the user experience.

Making topics more interesting.

Announcement Jan 20

I’ve been wanting to make this change forever. I updated the category listings to now look more like the front page for the site. That is, it uses better styling and image previews. Probably not the final design, but I found few bugs and cleaned a number of things up. I still need to update the tags, but the overall look is much better.

ZX81 program administration filters (internal).

New Feature Dec 31, 2022

Users won’t notice this change directly, but I added some filters to my program administration page. I wanted an easier way to search and find programs missing elements (think images, articles, etc.). To my surprise, I found a couple ZX81 programs missing their respective articles. I call that success.

User interface cleaning - Races, Profile, and more.

Announcement Feb 06, 2022

As I was moving icons over to Bootstrap’s, I started to notice that some inconsistencies in usage. Edit was sometimes a pencil, and sometimes a pencil in a square. I found the same problem with other icons. This led me down a journey of editing a large swath of files to make them more consistent. Given I was already there, I took the opportunity to make some enhancements to improve usage. I think everything is working, but I’m sure I have a few more bugs to squash.

Fun with Bootstrap Icons.

New Feature Jan 23, 2022

I’m giving Bootstrap icons a go on my site. I’ve been using FontAwesome for years, but it is always fun to try new things. You’ll still find a mix on the site while I work through all the files and articles. I really should turn my article header’s into some sort of BBCODE. That way as my style changes, I don’t have to edit hundred’s of articles.