A fun and fresh way to display changes I’ve been making on my blog.

Fixing annoyances.

Bug Fix May 28

Okay, spent the last few days fixing a few annoyances in the site. Some are more internal (i.e. the ZX81 routines weren’t setting the conical URL correctly). Others have been long standing. One of those was the HTML for the login routine wasn’t properly setting a value and is now fixed.

Something almost no users will notice, I fixed a bug where a newly published article wasn’t displaying. I’ve been working on a routine to allow creation of future articles and apparently that would hide articles published in the same day. That is corrected now, although the feature still needs some work to be complete.

Minor library bug fix.

Bug Fix Apr 30

While adding an article today, I realized the internal paths were pointing wrong. This caused the routine to show older content by mistake. Although most users shouldn’t have noticed, it may have impacted some features.

I updated the paths to correct for that and the libraries are now properly loading alternative versions. Long term, I plan to reduce or eliminate this path override logic. Until then, things should be back to normal.

Big changes look small.

Announcement Mar 14

I’ve been working since last year to clean up and update my website’s code base. My goals were to create a more consistent experience, make the development flow easier, and modularize the code base. I’d been siting on a lot of the changes for months and finally pulled the trigger on moving them to production.

The code is designed to be a bit of new with old to avoid breaking existing functionality. That said, I did redesign a number of the routers and fully expect deep links to break. My intent is to redirect as many of those as possible to the new canonical links.

With this change now committed, I can focus on fixing bugs and improving the user experience. Heck, I might even update my theme someday. Maybe.

Extra tags aren’t much use.

Bug Fix Aug 27, 2023

I’m in the middle of a major revamp of my CMS but noticed an annoyance that carried over into my main site. The tags had improper counts on them due duplicate articles I deleted. Although the tag routine is supposed to account for that, it wasn’t working. Apparently it tests if the article exists which didn’t work as expected. Deleting leaves an empty article. I adjusted the test and all the errant tags were cleaned up. The side effect is you’ll see accurate tag counts across the site. More to come!

Football picture fix.

Bug Fix Aug 11, 2023

Well, it is football season. And I realized my userbar wasn’t displaying correctly. Seems I commented out the pictures during my last fix. Oops. Fixed again.