A fun and fresh way to display changes I’ve been making on my blog.

Fixing comments and more.

Bug Fix Jun 01

Okay, finally got around to fixing the comment nesting today. Old process was adding too much depth that really didn’t work. This one limits to two deep and resets on new parent comment. Testing across multiple areas seemed to have fixed things.

Side note that I also continued to fix a few more stylistic and tag issues throughout the site. A couple CSS fixes today. One was to deal with the <center> tag being deprecated. My earlier fixed worked on text, but not images. I worked around that with some custom styles that I generalized today to work with the [center] UBB code. At the same time, I fixed some underline issues with anchors where it wasn’t showing within articles correctly.

Again, there are still a few places where I might run into a gotcha. For now, though, things work as expected and are validating correctly.

Tons of clean up and fixes.

Bug Fix May 29

I won’t try to list everything, but got around to doing some general site hygiene today. I cleaned up a some invalid HTML tags, CSS styles, RSS feed issues, and so on. Mostly little quirks that I hadn’t gotten around to fixing. I realized today that I still need to move some of the redundant code into separate routines. The CMS wasn’t designed for scale and I’m still moving stuff around to make it function better. Maybe someday I’ll get around to revamping the code completely.

Lists are lists now.

Bug Fix May 27

Lists weren’t validating correctly. I was wrapping it in a paragraph, incorrect in HTML5. In fixing that, I cleaned up the code to correct a few other issues I found. I also corrected a mistake in one of my articles where I used the wrong tag.

A little tag cloud fun.

Announcement Mar 14

I’ve never been too excited about the look of my tag cloud. I have a lot of old tags that are single digits—or worse, 1. Now that I have some categories that are an order of magnitude higher, most of the fonts are tiny with little variation.

To fix the issue, I reworked the calculations. That tags are now ranked by popularity instead of just using the count. This provides a better progression to the scale which looks good, even as tags continue to grow.

Unfortunately this also equalized the tag cloud in the footer. To compensate, I added another parameter to set maximum font size. On a positive note, this allowed me size up the fonts in the tag cloud view. Overall, a positive change.

Enhancing my ZX81 web helpers.

Announcement Mar 12

I made some minor changes today to the ZX81 web helpers. This is for the functions like listing a program, running it in an emulator, or listing the assembly code. I discovered that the canonical URL in the listing page was pointing to the wrong link. Fixing that, I decided to align the three helpers to work similar to the emulator page. You will now see the primary image, if set, a title, and a synopsis. I also added a link to the article if one exists.