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Extra tags aren’t much use.

Bug Fix Aug 27, 2023

I’m in the middle of a major revamp of my CMS but noticed an annoyance that carried over into my main site. The tags had improper counts on them due duplicate articles I deleted. Although the tag routine is supposed to account for that, it wasn’t working. Apparently it tests if the article exists which didn’t work as expected. Deleting leaves an empty article. I adjusted the test and all the errant tags were cleaned up. The side effect is you’ll see accurate tag counts across the site. More to come!

Football picture fix.

Bug Fix Aug 11, 2023

Well, it is football season. And I realized my userbar wasn’t displaying correctly. Seems I commented out the pictures during my last fix. Oops. Fixed again.

More ZX81 subdomain redirects.

Announcement Jul 31, 2023

I’ve been slowly killing off my old subdomains. I still get traffic to my ZX81 site, but usually it is a deep link to an article. Google is doing a good job of not serving up those old links but I still see a few hits. To force the transition, I added redirects in all my old articles. These point to the correct article on my main site. Anyone hitting one of those old links should end up in the right space. I’ll let this run for another month and see if I can finally retire that old domain.

Updating article verification and publishing.

Bug Fix Jul 23, 2023

Spent some time fixing up the code for verifying and publishing articles that aren’t auto-published. Generally something I haven’t used, but started to play with it while working on another routine. Nothing members will notice but I did find a couple bugs to fix. Tags will now work properly. It uses the standard editor to publish articles. Lastly, it supports the standard status prompts.

Calling out modals.

Bug Fix Jul 06, 2023

Apparently when I added in the validation modal’s for a deletion, I left in the default heading. I’m not sure how I missed it saying “Modal Heading” in each of the forms. I corrected the heading as well as styled some of anchor tags differently. Nothing too noticeable but let me know if something doesn’t work for you.