Signatures & Userbars

Sigs, userbars, and other fun stuff to add spice up your forum posts.

360voice Dynamic Userbars

Back when the Xbox 360 was cool, 360voice allowed you to blog your daily activity. Plus, they offered up an API to create your own unique apps. My creation was a series of dynamic userbars. Although 360voice is now gone, my static userbars live on as a reminder of those times.

Dish Pay Per View Userbar

Hey, here’s my Dish PPV userbar. Sadly, it keeps breaking as Dish changes their site. They now have an API, but you have to sign up for it and I’m not motivated at this time.

Football Userbar

My quick and dirty football userbar. Displays this week’s game scores.

US Analog to Digital TV Conversion Countdown Userbar

Out of date now, but my countdown now tells how long it’s been since the conversion to digital in the TV in the US. Maybe I should change it from days to years.

Weather Usersbar

Build a userbar with the NOAA National Weather Service ( to display current conditions in your area. Head over to my weather userbar builder to more easily customize for your city—U.S. only for now.

Weather Service Userbar

This is my original weather userbar. Based on the National Weather Service’s API, it uses a local weather station to pull information.