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Spider, I See You Hiding in the Window

Window Spider, by Steven Reid

I was actually working on a different model when an idea struck me. Wanting the an object to look abandoned and old, I grabbed a spider web and threw a black spider in it for fun. But, the web was too large, so I left it off to the side. Getting back to it yesterday, inspiration took a different direction.

How to Use Myspace to Quickly Share Music

Eclectic Vibes

I got around to logging into Myspace again today. I never really used it in its original incarnation. Truth be told, I wanted to know what it was before when my daughter signed up for an account. Although I’ve known that it was more of sharing space for music now, I hadn’t spent much time with it. That changed today.

What Happens When You Mix Together Balloons, Boise and Bricks?

Hot Air Balloon by Visionary Bricks, rendered by Steven Reid 2017

One of the first things I saw when I arrived in Idaho were colorful balloons floating across the brown desert and blue skies. A defining moment that Iíve carried with me for the almost 20 years Iíve lived here. So, when I came across Visionary Bricksí hot air ballon I had the perfect picture in mind.

Ego the Living Planet and How to Make a Great Background

Ego by changewing1, rendered by Steven Reid, 2017

Last weeks, I ran across this build by changewing1 of the living planet. Mecabricks is a great community for such finds. Plus, I needed something to tax my old computer while trying out denoising feature in Blender. Stars alignedópun intended, and I was off to render my next image. Keep reading to see how I did it.