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More May Fun With Blender And Lego Bricks

1580 Silja Line Ferry by Steven Reid, on Flickr

I’ve been having a lot of fun in May, rendering images and trying out some new techniques when I can. I’ve also been trying to learn Blender, work on decorations for old models, and try out new sites. Although still learning, here are four of the renders I made during the middle of the month.

A Silly Little Code Hack For The ZX81

Code Searcher, 1984, ZX81 screenshot by Steven Reid

I have some sort of fascination with code breaking. A byproduct of all the spy movies I watched as a kid. A friend of my would make spy cases with Lego’s, and I had to build my own of course. I had a wallet with home made credentials and so on. Code Searcher is a bit of a homage to those golden age gadgets of the 60s and 70s.

Cheers To April and a Month of Great LEGOs

6694 Car with Camper by Steven Reid

Shifting from POV-Ray back to Blender, I'm playing around with Mecabricks again. Taking a break from blogging about images, I decided to shift my focus. During the last week of April, I decided to clean up models and make new decorations. The journey weaved a bit, starting with an old model, but ending with something new. Below are the results of that virtual trip.

A Flash to the Past, Here Is the Latest Render of My 588 Police Station

588 Police Headquarters - POV-Ray - Front by Steven Reid

Following my Blender renders for 588, I started work on rendering the POV-Ray versions. Not quite the original versions, these renders use radiosity with an updated environment. Besides being a larger render, I turned on some of the features I usually donít. The images came out pretty good, even if Iím always looking to improve them.

Here Is the Refresh of My Favorite LEGO Fire Station

590 Engine Co. No. 9 - Blender - Front by Steven Reid, on Flickr

Last week, I shared my POV-Ray version of LEGO 590. Now, it seemed like a good time to build a Blender version. Starting in Mecabricks, I was fortunate to find that awesomo had recently built the model. Although missing a few parts, it gave me a shortcut into building a realistic render of the box art. Starting as a simple idea, my journey towards the final image wouldn’t be a straight one.