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Blog Calendar R2c (Fix)

Coding and Web Design

Sigh. Another day, another bug. Seems that writing scripts for my theme meant that I was missing some issues that occur if you run Blog Calendar on a standard WebAPP install. So, here is the latest fix for your Blogging pleasure: Blog Calendar Mod

More BlogCal Fun

Coding and Web Design

JackDeth recommended a two calendar blog, and it was a note worthy challenge. I still need to package it up, but there are now two calendars at your disposal. If nothing else, I was able to clean the code up a bit and make it a bit more modular. So, anything else?

Blog Cal Working!

Coding and Web Design

Well, I have my Blog Calendar Mod working. You can now click the date and it will displays articles on that day. Took me a bit to figure out all the different routines that WebAPP uses to do things, but once I found the right code, it doesn’t look too bad. Now, I just need to package it up and g

Blog Calendar Mod

Coding and Web Design

Working on re-creating my Blog Calendar as a Mod for WebAPP NE. I think I have the MOD fleshed out, but I may have a slight problem. It doesn't appear that WebAPP can display articles based on date. 🙁 Maybe I should be creating a Blog module. 😃