How to Build a Site - Again

Starting my adventure into modernizing my current theme.

I’ve been using this theme and with the WebAPP CMS for a few years now. Unfortunately, it is getting a bit old in the tooth. Although mostly flat, which fits nicely with today’s designs, it isn’t responsive. In fact, the original mobile version of the site was for the Palm Pilot. Really?

So, I’ve started to dig in again. I’m looking to revamp the entire site. From internals to externals. The hope is to modernize and maximize the value of R4F as best as I can.

To that end, I’ve been digging around with Skeleton and have a test responsive template started. So far it doesn’t look half bad. But, it can be better. Plus, I need to get it working with all the elements in the site. I’m digging into other CSS code to see what I can do and to better understand how to make things good.

I found a blog talking about SEO as well. That is actually useful. It is telling me what modern, and some not so modern, things I should be fixing to make my site work best.

I’ll post more on all these ideas in the coming weeks. If you have a special topic, let me know.

Stay tuned!

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