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Not Having Any Fun with IE8

Coding and Web Design

I got around to upgrading IE8 to the latest beta 2 today. Mostly, I wanted to see if they had fixed the float issues. Well, they had — at least the float that was also broke on Microsoft’s own site now worked. However, my site still had a problem. Well, I tracked it down to a very odd behavior with the   entity. Unlike most browers, IE8 breaks lines oddly with   and messes up CSS width. Unlike other browers, when this happens, IE8 drops the float to the bottom instead of letting it just break the width. Considering that this is the only browser with this behavior, it will be interesting to see if it makes it into the final version.

Minor Tweaks

Coding and Web Design

Must be a coding night for me, as I’ve been cleaning up a few things and fixing bugs. First up, I’ve been tweaking the way the tags display on the site. I added the ability to limit the tag cloud display and then did just that in the plugin. Now, only the top 25 tags show. I also now sort case insensitive. I also added a “View All Tags” link, since I don’t display all the tags by default.

Tag Cloud

Coding and Web Design

I’ve been using the tag cloud concept on a lot of other sites and find it useful at times. The idea is pretty simple, supply keywords or tags to your content. Those tags are then counted and a tag cloud of links is displayed, with more frequent links larger then less frequent ones. Since my site was lacking in that capability, I decided to program it in.