Slideshow R2c and BlogCal Mod R2d Updates

Sigh. Seems all I seem to do lately is update my Mods…

Sigh. Seems all I seem to do lately is update my Mods. Truth is, I’ve been working on another web site, but found some issues adding in my Slideshow Mod and decided, while I was there, to fix a few other minor annoyances I had with it. I also cleaned up some minor issues in BlogCal as well.

For the Slideshow R2c, besides fixing some issues I had in this Mod that was in BlogCal, I also added in some minor enhancements. Most are in the index.cgi page and are things like displaying the correct member name (if different) and setting the slide image height/width.

As for BlogCal R2d, this release is just minor code cleaning. I also fixed a bug with the language selection and, thanks to Aimod, BlogCal now has a Swedish language file. And, somehow I missed this in my last post, JoseEdwin also provided me a Spanish language file! Thanks again, Jose!

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