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How to Fix My Mistake That Blocked Campaign Parameters
Do you have those moments where you discover something and want to dig into it? Today was that day for me. Although what I found wasnít new, I still want to share what I learnedóthat way I wonít forget later…
Posted Jul 30, 2017 by Steven 7 min read

ZX81 Website Makeover and Twitter Experiments
If you havenít visited in a while, you may notice that my ZX81 retro computer site is looking a bit different. Iíd been using newer, responsive themes, for almost a year now. Yet I was being selfish. The general population wasn't allowed to partake my fun…
Posted Apr 30, 2016 by Steven 3 min read

Does Your Site Need a Refresh?
After ten years, Iím sick of my web siteís look. During my early web development days I would change the design almost yearly. My original LEGO site went through many refreshes until I abandoned it for Flickr. My blog, now, feels old and neglected…
Posted Feb 23, 2016 by Steven 4 min read

Favoring Icons
Iím slowing working through updating my site. Recently, I decided to update my icons. Iíve been using favorite icons for yearsófavicon.ico for those that care. But, it was old and boring. Time to update. The world has progressed a bit though…
Posted Jan 12, 2016 by Steven 3 min read

Slugging it out with SEO
Iím trying to start of the new year by updating all my web sites. Iíve been researching SEO (search engine optimization) for a few months, but only recently started to work through how to actually do it. The last few days have been a eureka moment for me. The first problem I had to deal with was ho…
Posted Jan 02, 2016 by Steven 3 min read

How to Build a Site - Again
Iíve been using this theme and with the WebAPP CMS for a few years now. Unfortunately, it is getting a bit old in the tooth. Although mostly flat, which fits nicely with todayís designs, it isnít responsive. In fact, the original mobile version of the site was for the Palm Pilot. Really? So, Iíve s…
Posted Aug 20, 2015 by Steven 2 min read