Giving Up On Maps

Sad to say, but Iíve deactivated the Whoís Amung Us map widget I had been using…

Sad to say, but Iíve deactivated the Whoís Amung Us map widget I had been using. Theyíve changed the way the pins are saved and it is pretty much useless to me now. I enjoyed seeing where I received visits from. Unfortunately, I typically only would have a few pins on the map, including myself. I still have the widget installed in case they ever change it, but for now the map itself is disabled.

That said, all isnít lost. Iím giving Google Analytics a try to see if it will at least provide me the statistics Iím looking for. It includes a nice dashboard with an optional geographic positional feature that is very similar to the visitor map pins. It is still populating, so Iíll have to see how things go. Iím impressed so far, but only time will tell.

It should be noted that my ISP provides pretty good visitor statistics as well. Unfortunately, they donít currently offer geographic location information. The CMS software I use also keeps some basic browser statistics which are very interesting as well. My favorite is tracking browser and OS usage. Iíve been seeing traction in the Safari usage of the last year as well as Apple software. I still enjoy using Safari myself, but I donít have the money to purchase an Apple computer. I shouldnít complain. My Compaq v2000 is still doing quite well for me, even if it is a bit slow running Vista.

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