Tag Cloud

I added tags and a tag cloud to my CMS to help categorize and find interesting articles.

I’ve been using the tag cloud concept on a lot of other sites and find it useful at times. The idea is pretty simple, supply keywords or tags to your content. Those tags are then counted and a tag cloud of links is displayed, with more frequent links larger then less frequent ones. Since my site was lacking in that capability, I decided to program it in.

You can view my tag cloud, which offers links to view the articles that contain that tag you choose. It was a pain integrating the tags into the site, but the results are pretty interesting. I’ve had to go back and edit a number of articles so they would be included in the tag cloud. I might go back and update them all, but for now, enjoy what is there.

I have some ideas for future enhancements. For one, it would be nice for individuals other then the topic author to add tags. That would increase the value of the tag and could mark popularity or interest in the article. Another thought is to walk some of the statistics and create tag clouds for some of the data there. For now, though, I think I’ll just make sure things are working well first.

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