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How to Break Your Site In One Easy Step

Coding and Web Design

The Mistake We all make mistakes. My mistake was not understanding the code behind the categories sections that my site uses. What I wanted to do was create a new category called “Writing” that I could log my NaNoWriMo entries to. It seemed simple enough. I went into the category administration section and created a new one. My mistake was wanting to reuse the news picture. It was late at night and I was in a hurry to get to bed. In my hast I forgot that the program links the picture and category name together. Worse, I didn’t even realize I’d done something wrong.

Pardon the Dust and Debris

ZX81 Computer

I’m in the process of updating the old flat design of this site into a more dynamic one. The original site was designed in the nineties for use on GeoCities and its various requirements and stipulations. Now that GeoCities is dead and the content has been moved to better hosting, I’m taking the opportunity to migrate the site to WebAPP.

Fun With Article Icons

Mind the Gap

Although the default icons that come with WebAPP are nice, I thought I’d try to create a few original ones. I’ve tried to update most (but not quite all) of the icons that I have categories using pictures from from collection.

Slideshow R2c and BlogCal Mod R2d Updates

Coding and Web Design

Sigh. Seems all I seem to do lately is update my Mods. Truth is, I’ve been working on another web site, but found some issues adding in my Slideshow Mod and decided, while I was there, to fix a few other minor annoyances I had with it. I also cleaned up some minor issues in BlogCal as well. For th

Migrated Site to WebAPP NE

Coding and Web Design

Well, after spending a few months adding back in my slide show and calendar, I’ve converted my site to WebAPP NE. Please let me know if anything doesn’t work quite right. My main reason to convert to WebAPP was to not have to start from scratch in writing my own comments system.