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April's Program: RMS

Are there any D&D folks in the audience? Come on, you know who you are. Past or present doesnít matter, just if you know what Iím talking about. Why, you ask? Because RMS, Aprilís program of the month, will use your ZX81 to build monsters.

Posted Apr 29, 2015 by SafePit 1 min read

March's Program: Input One

Input One, Marchís program of the month, is a great example of the kind of simple and brute force programming of the 1980s. This was a time when computers had little memory and their users had to use simple BASIC programming to get things done.

Posted Mar 29, 2015 by SafePit 1 min read

February's Program: Math Bash

From its opening text, Math Bash is clearly†an educational program. Its primary goal is to help students practice their math skills. At its core though it is still a game. Aliens are landing and you have to stop them.

Posted Feb 22, 2015 by SafePit 1 min read

January's Program: Comp. Talk

Mixing things up a bit, I thought Iíd start off the new year without a game program. Instead, Januaryís program is Computer Talk, or Comp. Talk for short. Comp. Talk is one of several educational programs I wrote for reasons Iím not entirely sure of. Perhaps it was just the thing to do back in then.

Posted Jan 24, 2015 by SafePit 1 min read

December's Program: V Water Battle

As 2014 comes to a close, I wanted to end the year with an original program of the month. For December, that program is V Water Battle, an action game from 1984. For some reason, the title screen I created said designed instead of wrote but I did both. I was an odd duck in 1984.

Posted Dec 29, 2014 by SafePit 1 min read

November's Program: Maze Craze

Hope everyone in the US had a great Turkey Day (Thanksgiving) and are now enjoying the last weekend of November. I’m busy with NaNoWriMo, and a bit behind. So I give you another program from my original ZX81 site, but not yet featured here. November’s program is the month is Maze Craze.

Posted Nov 29, 2014 by SafePit 1 min read

October's Program: NA

Whoa, there are still almost two weeks left in the month and I have October’s program done and waiting for you. Yep, you heard right. This month is a short one called NA. The program is an action game that requires you to use “N” and “A” to try to stop a runner.

Posted Oct 21, 2014 by SafePit 1 min read

September's Programs: Photon '85 and '98

Well, the month is over and life has taken over and delayed my program of the month. For the tail end of September, I offer two programs: Photon and Photon 98. Wait, what? Yep, you heard right. Iím offering two programs this month. Sort of.† Actually they are very similar.

Posted Sep 30, 2014 by SafePit 1 min read

August's Program: Cave War

Augustís program is Cave War, a later program from 1985. It starts out similar to Hit Man, basically a scrolling dodge the wall game. But there is more to it than that. Once you get to the end of the tunnel, you find yourself in a cave and need to blast away at a wall to continue on.

Posted Aug 24, 2014 by SafePit 1 min read

July's Program: Block £ Spear

Sorry, still no Joust. Itís not where I want it†and Iíve spent July working on my novel instead. That isn't to say that Iím going to leave July without a program of the month. Instead Iíve pulled from my original site to bring you one of my favorite programs, Block £ Spear.

Posted Jul 23, 2014 by Steven 1 min read

June's Program: Monster Maker

Okay I haven’t finished my remake of Joust yet, nor did I want to wait until the last week of the month to get an article out. Instead, I offer you Monster Maker as June’s monthly program. It’s pretty straight forward and anti-climatic against the power of today’s programs.

Posted Jun 08, 2014 by SafePit 1 min read

May's Program: Joust

I actually started working on May’s program of the month, Joust, about three weeks ago. My goal was to update the program to a faster and more fluid MCODER version. Sadly, things haven’t gone so well.

Posted May 28, 2014 by SafePit 1 min read

April's ZX81 Program: Flywheel

April has been a crazy month. I decided to try something new, pushed along by an unexpected event. I'm writing a book. Not wanting to skip a month, I dug into my past for April's program of the month. From my first ZX81 site, I present Flywheel. It is an easy to play racing game.

Posted Apr 27, 2014 by SafePit 1 min read

March's ZX81 Program: The Ball Redux

For March's program of the month, I drew inspiration from one of my older demo’s, The Ball. Like many young kids from the early eighties using BASIC, I took a stab at animating a bouncing ball. It is a a relatively easy program to write depending on how complex you want to make the math.

Posted Mar 29, 2014 by SafePit 1 min read

New ZX81 Program: Time

I've updated my latest ZX81 program of the month. For February, I give you Time, a simple landing game with a twist. Using the ďZĒ and ď.Ē keys, you maneuver your craft to each successive landing pad. If you miss the landing, keep trying but be careful. Run out of time and itís game over!

Posted Feb 16, 2014 by SafePit 1 min read

Major ZX81 Updates

If you haven't checked out my ZX81 website, now would be a good time to visit! It has gone through a complete overhaul with a new back-end system and lots of new features.

Posted Jan 26, 2011 by SafePit 1 min read

Celebrating Thirty Years of ZX81

This year will mark the 30th anniversary of the ZX81's debut. Hard to believe this little wonder is turning thirty and how much the world has changed. My goal is to celebrate the occasion by continuing to update the site with new content. I'd like to do a monthly showcase of programs as well.

Posted Jan 01, 2011 by Steven 1 min read

ZX81 Emulation and PHOTON98

A few years back, I started to convert some of my old ZX81 programs so they could be use in various ZX81 emulators. That project was mostly my way of trying to preserve some printouts from my now faded programs. I was curious if I there was a way to emulate those programs in a web site. Surprisingly, the answer is yes!

Posted Nov 20, 2008 by Steven 1 min read