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February’s Program: Math Bash

February’s Program: Math Bash

At the one level, you can sum up most programs into three big groups: business, gaming, or educational. Most of my programs fit into one of these base categories. The standouts are generally the animation or demo programs that really have no distinct genre. Even those, however, I can lump into one of the big three without much effort. There are times when these categories get blurred and a program can fit into two or more categories. This month’s program is one of those.

April’s Program: Sphere

April’s Program: Sphere

I’ve been a bit busy this month so I choose a relatively short program in order to not miss my self imposed deadline. To that end, I present to you April’s belated graphic program: Sphere. This program will easily run on a 2K ZX81. With some trimming, if you are so inclined, it will probably run in the original 1K of RAM as well. Although I doubt too many people with a ZX81 have less than 16K of RAM. Take a look at the listing to get a feel for how small this program really is.

More Lorenz Attractor Fun

Lorenz Attractor  by SafePit on DeviantArt

I was looking over my Lorenz Attractor images and wondered how the spiral would look close-up. So, I created another version looking down on the spiral with the tendrils coming up from the it. To make it stand out from the others, I changed the sphere colors to blue and added some filtered transparency to them. It makes them look a bit like beads of glass.

Playing With The Lorenz Attractor

Lorenz Attractor 1 by Steven Reid, on Flickr

I was searching for some pov-ray liquid routines and ran into an interesting article on The Lorenz Attractor In 3D. The Lorenz Attractor is an interesting equation and surprisingly beautiful. Since there was a sample pov-ray macro on the site, I thought it would be fun to generate some pictures. I don't have much yet, but I think these look pretty cool. In some ways, these look like galaxies colliding. What do you think?