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ZX81 Website Makeover and Twitter Experiments
If you havenít visited in a while, you may notice that my ZX81 retro computer site is looking a bit different. Iíd been using newer, responsive themes, for almost a year now. Yet I was being selfish. The general population wasn't allowed to partake my fun…
Posted Apr 30, 2016 by Steven 3 min read

Are You a Nerd or a Geek?
This funny article was tweeted by Major Nelson and it was too rich not to pass on…
Posted Apr 19, 2010 by Steven 1 min read

So Long GeoCities, Thanks For The Memories
Well, as of today my GeoCities site of the last 12 years is no more. Iím a bit saddened as it has been a place of comfort, seeing me through different ISPís and such. It is because of GeoCities that I use Yahoo! mail, even if Yahoo! then turned around and removed the best features of GeoCities…
Posted Oct 27, 2009 by Steven 1 min read

Getting into that Web 2.0 Thing
Iíve been hearing a lot about the Web 2.0, but not sure how much Iíve been participating. I signed up for a Digg account, but didnít really get into it. Iím still not sure what is considered Web 2.0. If you check out Wiki's definition of Web 2.0, Iíve already been part of the whole Web 2…
Posted Oct 22, 2007 by Steven 2 min read