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Fixing for IE10 and Other Updates
I happened to load my sites into IE10 the other day and noticed the reflections were broken. Generally, I wouldnít care much as I donít use IE except at work. However, I thought it best that things not continue to look different. I updated reflection.js to the latest version. I also updated jquery…
Posted May 11, 2013 by Steven 2 min read

Slide Show: Whatís Old is New
I recently started using FlashControl for Chrome to control which sites use flash. I was getting annoyed with sites I ran across sucking up my computerís CPU with flash programs. It is annoying how many sites use flash, my own included…
Posted Oct 09, 2011 by Steven 2 min read

Topography and Hyphenation
Iím a sucker for topography, something I really enjoyed in college when using LaTeX to get really cool looking printouts. A lot of that fun was lost with I started using applications like Word that do a pretty good job of kerning and hyphenating text without you having to do anything…
Posted Sep 07, 2010 by Steven 2 min read

Reflective Fun
Iíve been using Reflection.js for some time now to generate reflective category images. I did this mainly to avoid having to create the reflections by hand. However, it has always had a bit of a lag when generating the reflections. This can be a bit jarring at times, but Iíve gotten used to it. In …
Posted Dec 02, 2009 by Steven 2 min read

Avoiding Index
One thing that always bugged me with using scripts is that you tend to see the script name. For example, this site has always had an index.cgi and most PHP sites have index.php in the links. I find it tacky and many commercial sites donít do this…
Posted Nov 21, 2009 by Steven 2 min read

Using Reflection.js 2.0
Cowís Blog has an update to Reflection.js to version 2.0. Iíve wasted no time in updating my site and, surprise, I donít notice any difference! However, if you use the new Google! Chrome browser or IE8, things should look a bit better. Great bit of code and worth a try.
Posted Sep 30, 2008 by Steven 1 min read

Fun with Reflections
In playing around with iTunes, I really like the way the CoverFlow looks, especially the reflections. So, I started searching around to see if there was something similar for Vista. I didnít find any finders, but I did run into a few javascript scripts that had some neat features. One, Reflection…
Posted Mar 16, 2008 by Steven 1 min read