Reflective Fun

Speeding up the reflections on my site, I started looking for alternatives.

I’ve been using Reflection.js for some time now to generate reflective category images. I did this mainly to avoid having to create the reflections by hand. However, it has always had a bit of a lag when generating the reflections. This can be a bit jarring at times, but I’ve gotten used to it.

In my search for some lightbox style scripts, I ran across Reflection.js for jQuery. The author touts that it is faster and offers a better user experience. That sounds good, but does it really work? The demo on the site sure does look faster than the original. So I uploaded the latest version and made some CSS modifications to accommodate some differences in the script. Voilà! I now have an alternative reflection generator to test.

So far it does seem a bit faster, although it doesn’t completely eliminate the jarring effect when the reflection is inserted. Fortunately it is an easy change to swap between the two. I’ve left the new version for now. Perhaps it will give me an excuse to play some more with jQuery. By the way, there is a Reflection.js for MooTools as well if you prefer to use that javascript framework.

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