Fixing for IE10 and Other Updates

I happened to load my sites into IE10 the other day and noticed the reflections were broken…

I happened to load my sites into IE10 the other day and noticed the reflections were broken. Generally, I wouldn’t care much as I don’t use IE except at work. However, I thought it best that things not continue to look different. I updated reflection.js to the latest version. I also updated jquery.js as it was a bit outdated as well. So far things are looking better. I did notice my site was loading a bit slower though. I’m not sure if this is the new code or something else. I’ll keep watch and update you if something else is amiss.

I also updated hyphenator today. I use it my site to enforce hyphenation in words which generally improves readability. I noticed a bug in IE10 that causes it not to search words correctly when using the hyphenation. There is an option in the new version of hyphenator to use CSS3 hyphenation. This fixes the problem in IE10 which supports it. However, it breaks hyphenation in Google Chrome. That doesn’t look good. I decided to just stay on the latest version of code but with the IE10 bug in place for now.

Lastly, I thought I’d try again to get ligatures working. I spent an evening last week applying new styles and trying to update my fonts to a version that did support them. Sadly, even fonts that said they supported ligatures failed. I really wanted to try to support better topography settings. For now I don’t feel the effort is worth the results.

Feedback, comments and other ideas are always welcome!

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