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Fixing for IE10 and Other Updates
I happened to load my sites into IE10 the other day and noticed the reflections were broken. Generally, I wouldnít care much as I donít use IE except at work. However, I thought it best that things not continue to look different. I updated reflection.js to the latest version. I also updated jquery…
Posted May 11, 2013 by Steven 2 min read

Topography Troubles
I recently upgraded to Chrome 8 and ran into a minor problem. The text-rendering: optimizeLegibility; CSS option now causes hyphenate.js to display the hyphens in some words all the time. This, obviously, isnít the desired effect I was going for…
Posted Dec 05, 2010 by Steven 2 min read

Going Chrome, But not by Choice
Iíve been having a bit of a problem lately getting Safari to keep working! Seems it keeps crashing every few minutes with a library issue that I canít seem to fix. Fed up with multiple uninstall, reinstall, replace and restore attempts over the last week, Iíve decided to give Chrome another try. Fir…
Posted Jul 31, 2010 by Steven 2 min read