LEGO Building

A warm cozy place for this AFOL to write on LEGO building, sets and MOCs.
Now Is a Good Time to Build My Mini ZX81

A retro blast from the past! The four chip Sinclair ZX81 was the first computer I owned and I thought it would be fun to build a LEGO version of it. The 2K of memory (in my US version) was pretty limited. An essential accessory was the 16K RAM which allowed you to fully use the screen and enjoy some fun, if blocky, games.

Posted Aug 09, 2020 by Steven 4 min read

Adding a New Topic Category: LEGO Building

I haven’t added a new topic in awhile, but I ran into a bit of a problem lately. As an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO), I recently got back into building with real LEGO bricks. In doing so, I decided to start taking pictures of some of the sets of been building. Not content with building official sets, I started to build MOCs (My Own Creations) from both myself and others. I needed a place to share.

Posted Aug 08, 2020 by Steven 3 min read

Introducing Tree Winter, My Second LEGO MOC

After finishing Tree Fall, I had an idea to turn it into a winter scene. I thought it would be easy to swap out a few parts with white ones, but my wife disagreed. She recommended some changes and, after some trial and error, I created Tree Winter!

Posted Aug 08, 2020 by Steven 3 min read

Introducing My First LEGO MOC Called Tree Fall

Awhile back, I had an idea on a run for a little LEGO vignette. My vision included a small tree on a hill. Most often, my mind refocuses on my workout the vision fades. This time, the idea stuck and became reality as Tree Fall.

Posted Jul 13, 2020 by Steven 5 min read

Start the Year with LEGO Emoji, How I Lost and Gained Motivation

It feels like 2017 is just kicking off, yet here we are at the end of January. Time sure seems to be getting away from me lately. I blame the the heater skelter of the holidays and uncomfortable weather. Well, and taking a not so great vacation didn’t improve my mood any. I got sick and all else fell to the side. Today is my opportunity to change that. Today is for LEGO!

Posted Jan 28, 2017 by Steven 5 min read