Adding a New Topic Category: LEGO Building

A new place to capture building with real LEGO bricks, and not just renders.

I haven’t added a new topic in awhile, but I ran into a bit of a problem lately. As an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO), I recently got back into building with real LEGO bricks. In doing so, I decided to start taking pictures of some of the sets of been building. Not content with building official sets, I started to build MOCs (My Own Creations) from both myself and others. I needed a place to share.

Building is so fun!

I usually share my pictures on Flickr. It has been a vibrant community for me over the years, a place I can share my images and get feedback. Although I usually only share renders, I have uploaded a couple of creations. Yet, that had been quite awhile ago.

Finally getting around to building to building 75159 Death Star, I started to take photos as I built it. My goal was to share with friends and family on Facebook. But, as I got to working on MOCs, I thought it would be fun to track the builds as well. An example from my Death Star build is below.

[Image]75159 Death Star - Build Day! by Steven Reid, on Flickr

Fun with MOCs.

Building and documenting sets is fun, but building MOCs was quite fun. I enjoyed moving from renders to real bricks. Seeing my creations come to life brought out the kid in me. I decided to get back to organizing my bricks. I have a lot.

After buying some storage units, I also grabbed a table and chair. This gave me an easy way to build when I had time, but then put it all away in the closet when I wasn’t. I haven’t built a lot yet, but I do have a system now that is ready to be exploited. The only thing missing was a way to share.

To that end, I built out a new article topic on my web site. I used a picture I took while sorting as the basis for my new LEGO Building section. I started in my living room, but realized our spare bedroom would work better. We’ve been updating the room, but that didn’t stop me from taking over.

[Image]Setting up Storage by Steven Reid, on Flickr

To get started, I’ve moved two articles into the new category. I’m sure I’ll find a few more before the night is over. My long term goal is to use this as a place to showcase my adventures in LEGO bricks. To that end, I have a couple more articles already lined up. Unlike some other topics, I don’t see this staying short for long.

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