Minor Tweaks

Overcome with a desire to improve my site, I made some design changes.

Must be a coding night for me, as Iíve been cleaning up a few things and fixing bugs. First up, Iíve been tweaking the way the tags display on the site. I added the ability to limit the tag cloud display and then did just that in the plugin. Now, only the top 25 tags show. I also now sort case insensitive. I also added a ďView All TagsĒ link, since I donít display all the tags by default.

In addition to the plugin change, I also added tag displays to the news articles and made them hot links, including the front page. This should make it easier to jump around and view similar articles. I now add a [More] to every article to make it easier to get to the full article page.

I also fixed a few display bugs that I noticed didnít work in Safari. This was mostly around images. Lastly, I think I fixed an annoying bug that only I had. When editing an article, it would remove the newlines. This was a pain when I was going through and adding tags. Hopefully Iíve nipped this one in the bud.

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