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New RSS Feed

ZX81 Computer

As of today, you can use RSS to subscribe for your monthly dose of ZX81 goodness. I originally hadn’t planned to offer an RSS feed for my ZX81 site. The original goal was to cross-post articles to my main site and rely on its feed for subscribers. Sadly I tend to forget to cross-post.

Hacking Up RSS

Coding and Web Design

When I first created my re-visioned ZX81 site, my goal was to integrate it as a sub-site of my existing one. However, the CMS I use doesn’t lend itself to easily do that. Technically, that wasn’t a show stopper in and of itself.

Quoting Quotes

Quoting Quotes

Last night I happened to notice that my last blog post didn’t look quite right when viewed in an RSS reader. Come to find out, it appears that the code that converts the UBBC tags wasn’t undoing a quote conversion earlier in the code. This caused the regular expression that tries to show bare URLs as real URLs to convert parts of my image tag into an anchor tag. Not quite what it is supposed to do. It took me hours of futzing with the code to unravel the mess. Fortunately, it was an easy fix. Use the same darn subroutine that the articles use. Duh. One freaking line of code to change.

RSS Pains

Coding and Web Design

You would think that using an standard would mean that your RSS feed would work just about everywhere. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to always be the case. All those RSS 2.0 fixes I did on my site seemed to have broke the feed to MyBlogLog. Not sure what it doesn’t like as other RSS 2.