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Having a Little Photography Fun with This Year's Challenge

Slaying the Beast by Steven Reid

Since the start of the year, I’ve been participating in a weekly photography challenge in an attempt to improve my photography. Although I shared them on Flickr, I wasn’t blogging about them. Perhaps it was because of a lack of confidence of their quality, not liking their originality, or just fear of ridicule. Overcoming all that, I’d like to share last week’s photo. It’s all about fun!

Quoting Quotes

Quoting Quotes

Last night I happened to notice that my last blog post didn’t look quite right when viewed in an RSS reader. Come to find out, it appears that the code that converts the UBBC tags wasn’t undoing a quote conversion earlier in the code. This caused the regular expression that tries to show bare URLs as real URLs to convert parts of my image tag into an anchor tag. Not quite what it is supposed to do. It took me hours of futzing with the code to unravel the mess. Fortunately, it was an easy fix. Use the same darn subroutine that the articles use. Duh. One freaking line of code to change.

Enjoying a Moodstream

Mind the Gap

Ran across this interesting site in my feeds and thought I’d share. Getty Images has combined their stock images with their audio stock to create what they call Moodstreams. They are billing it as a brainstorming tool, remember they are trying to sell photography and audio. The brainstorming concept sounded interesting, but I was skeptical. I gave it a try and it is actually pretty interesting.


Mind the Gap

I ran across this cool technology today from Microsoft Live Labs called Photosynth. Basically, this software allows you to view a collection of photographs in using a 3D browser. They have a Tech Preview that completely blew me away.