Enjoying a Moodstream

I found a different way to enjoy music through images.

Ran across this interesting site in my feeds and thought I’d share. Getty Images has combined their stock images with their audio stock to create what they call Moodstreams. They are billing it as a brainstorming tool, remember they are trying to sell photography and audio. The brainstorming concept sounded interesting, but I was skeptical. I gave it a try and it is actually pretty interesting.

I didn’t find it inspiring as a brainstorming tool, but it is actually fun to watch and build your own streams. They provide a number of options to tweak the mood. It is an Adobe Flash application, so it works well but slows down my computer. I found it interesting to just to set a mood, refresh the stream, and sit back and enjoy.

Okay, maybe it did inspire me a bit, but not in the way they probably meant. I was thinking it would be pretty cool to create a web photo slide show based on “mood” tags. That is, take your favorite photos and tag them with the way you feel when you see them. Then, when you’re in a happy mood, you can select happy and view all those giggling baby pictures you took.


Well, in any case, go check out Moodstream and see if it inspires you.

Note, GettyImages has since discontinued this specific service.

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