Sharing images and techniques from my occasional dabbling into photography and the art around it.
My Blog Image For 2019 Is A Playful Sea Turtle

Although I enjoyed that moon picture on my blog, itís been there far too long. In looking for something new in 2019, I decided to use a picture of a playful sea turtle. The photo, taken while I was in Mexico in January, shows the backend of the turtle as it swims away. I thought that fitting for my blog where I hope you take a bit of each article with you when you leave.

Posted Mar 05, 2019 by Steven 1 min read

Having a Little Photography Fun with This Year's Challenge

Since the start of the year, Iíve been participating in a weekly photography challenge in an attempt to improve my photography. Although I shared them on Flickr, I wasnít blogging about them. Perhaps it was because of a lack of confidence of their quality, not liking their originality, or just fear of ridicule. Overcoming all that, Iíd like to share last weekís photo. Itís all about fun!

Posted Feb 17, 2018 by Steven 3 min read