Going Chrome, But not by Choice

Iíve been having a bit of a problem lately getting Safari to keep working…

Iíve been having a bit of a problem lately getting Safari to keep working! Seems it keeps crashing every few minutes with a library issue that I canít seem to fix. Fed up with multiple uninstall, reinstall, replace and restore attempts over the last week, Iíve decided to give Chrome another try.

First off, the reason I left Chrome was because it doesnít have an internal RSS reader and was lacking a number of other basic features that make it useful. Seems time has helped Chrome as it supports a plethora of extensions now that make it much more usable than before. Some options make it better than Safari, or at least palatable.

In general, Iím finding it fast and easy to use. I decided to give Google! Reader a try instead of using one of the RSS extensions built for it. The main reason is that I still use other computers and thought it would be nice to have access to my feeds elsewhere. That seemed to be a good option as Iím finding other extensions that improve upon Readerís blah interface and make it something more interesting.

I still miss the better font smoothing of Safari, which is a Windowsí not Chromeís fault, but not enough to make me switch yet. Iíll stick it out for awhile and see how things go. So far, it is functional and I may find myself switching on other computers.

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