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360voice Is Gone

Mind the Gap

While working on a new theme for my Reid’s for Fun site, I flipped over to my 3v sub-domain to check something. While there, I noticed that all the user bars were failing with an API error. I quickly jumping over to the 360voice site and found it dead. Only the “Safari Can’t Connect to Server” error stared back at me.

MGC Shuttered

Mind the Gap

It came to light that another Xbox 360 site is shuttering their doors: I was using an MGC gamer card on this site for years due to oddities with the official one from Xbox. I dropped it recently as I didn’t feel it was as important to my site anymore, but I really enjoyed the stats MGC provided and I stilled used my MGC userbar as a forum signature. Sad times indeed.

Minor Fixes on my Dynamic Userbars

Coding and Web Design

I noticed a few errors with my 360voice Dynamic Userbars today, so I decided I should probably fix them. One was with my watched list. I limit the list to 20, but it wasn’t actually working properly for users not watching anyone. The other bug was in challenges where it would stop displaying members after it found the callers gamertag. Fortunately, both were easy fixes.

Getting into that Web 2.0 Thing

Coding and Web Design

I’ve been hearing a lot about the Web 2.0, but not sure how much I’ve been participating. I signed up for a Digg account, but didn’t really get into it. I’m still not sure what is considered Web 2.0. If you check out Wiki's definition of Web 2.0, I’ve already been part of the whole Web 2.0 deal by blogging and using and creating RSS feeds. In many ways, my use of 360voice and its API probably qualify as well. After thinking about, maybe I do a lot more with Web 2.0 than I thought.

I Blew My Streak

Mind the Gap

Darn it, I lost my gaming streak after a paltry 32 days. 🙁 My Internet was down part of the day last week. Either that, or I just totally spaced it. Either way, I’ve started over again. Sigh. So much for trying to get that 50+ badge on my 360voice Blog.

XBOX 360 Can Blog

Mind the Gap

This is hilarious. You can now have your XBOX 360 blog. So funny! Picked this up from Major Nelson. My Xbox 360 isn’t too chatty now, but I’m sure as I spend more time playing Oblivion, the more it will speak out. Looking at others, it does get a bit repetitive.