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SafePit 30,000gs, the Zeros Are So Pretty
It seemed to take me forever lately, but finally made it to 30K. I blame my Halo 3 addiction to the lack of improvement in my gamer score. It seems silly tracking this stuff, but it is fun tracking each of these 5K milestones…
Posted Dec 21, 2008 by Steven 1 min read

25000 Is Where It's At
Well, it took a bit longer this time around to get 25000. Seems all the games I’ve been playing aren’t giving up much in points. Of course, it doesn’t help that I’ve mostly been playing Halo 3 during this time. In any case, I made it to 25K! Okay, now I can get back to gaming…
Posted Jul 13, 2008 by Steven 1 min read

20K - Keeping the Streak Alive
Woo, woo! Was finally able to get 20K GS last night. Seems like it took forever. This won’t last long—friend let me borrow Avatar—an easy 1000 is an easy 1000. It will also help my 360voice Challenge that I’m currently in.
Posted Feb 15, 2008 by Steven 1 min read

Yes - 15k
Oh, yeah! 15K—on the nose! Next up 20k!’Nuff said!
Posted Nov 07, 2007 by Steven 1 min read