Getting into that Web 2.0 Thing

Iíve been hearing a lot about the Web 2.0, but not sure how much Iíve been participating…

Iíve been hearing a lot about the Web 2.0, but not sure how much Iíve been participating. I signed up for a Digg account, but didnít really get into it. Iím still not sure what is considered Web 2.0. If you check out Wiki's definition of Web 2.0, Iíve already been part of the whole Web 2.0 deal by blogging and using and creating RSS feeds. In many ways, my use of 360voice and its API probably qualify as well. After thinking about, maybe I do a lot more with Web 2.0 then I thought.

Recently, Iíve given in and tried out Twitter. Not that my life is all that exciting, but it seems interesting enough and it can be fun to track others and see what they are up to. The whole idea of single line blogs is kind of intriguing. I wasnít all that sure of twitter until I read an interesting article about Twitter was being used as a replacement for ďwater cooler talkĒ for telecommuters. I never thought of the web that way, but shows how interconnected the world can become using technology as an enabler.

Well, in keeping with the whole Web 2.0 thing, I decided to mess around with Twitterís API. Just like 360voice, Iíve built a little Twitter plug-in for WebAPP and placed it on my web site. So far it works pretty well and I can get random updates on my friends and such. I really need to add caching, though. It does slow the site down a bit waiting on the calls. Iíd use an iframe, but then Iíd have to lock the size. WebAPP 1.0 is supposed to be out soon. Iíll probably just wait for that version.For now, feel free to Twitter me. You never know, I might just Twitter you.

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