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Sea Swallow Redux
ďBeware what lurks beneath the sea. Sharks, you say? No, not sharks. Something much, much worse. It comes from below and youíll never see it until you find its maw enveloping you. Whatís that? You donít believe me? Sonny, Iíve seen it. I barely escaped myself when it took a liking to our boat.Ē Che…
Posted Jul 03, 2016 by Steven 2 min read

Aprilís Program: RMS
Are there any D&D folks in the audience? Come on, you know who you are. Past or present doesnít matter, just if you know what Iím talking about. Why, you ask? Because RMS, Aprilís program of the month, will use your ZX81 to build monsters…
Posted Apr 29, 2015 by Steven 4 min read

Juneís Program: Monster Maker
Okay I havenít finished my remake of Joust yet, nor did I want to wait until the last week of the month to get an article out. Instead, I offer you Monster Maker as Juneís monthly program. Itís pretty straight forward and anti-climatic against the power of todayís programs…
Posted Jun 08, 2014 by Steven 3 min read