Sea Swallow Redux

Beware what lurks beneath the sea.

“Beware what lurks beneath the sea. Sharks, you say? No, not sharks. Something much, much worse. It comes from below and you’ll never see it until you find its maw enveloping you. What’s that? You don’t believe me? Sonny, I’ve seen it. I barely escaped myself when it took a liking to our boat.”

Cheesy story aside, this is anotherof my older LDD models from 2010, converted and tweaked to use Mecabricks.

[Image]Sea Swallow Redux by Steven Reid, on Flickr

The swimmer was, as in the first conversion, my problem. As I expected, the Hawaiian shirt from the original LDD model didn’t exist. Unlike before, I decided to rework the outfit a bit. I turned the legs and arms yellow to better resemble a swimsuit. I tried to use combinations I thought exist in real LEGO bricks. I know the bottom does, as it is in a model I have from the LEGO Movie. “Where are my pants?” Okay, I digress.

More unexpected, the face I used didn’t exist in Mecabricks. This was a bigger problem for me as the original face did a better job of conveying fright and that it was a female swimmer. The only scared face I could fine is also from the LEGO Movie. I don’t like it. Yet, it will have to do until I either find a better face or create my own.

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