Adventures in Lighting

Three new renders from my attempts to improve lighting.

Okay, I admit that lighting isn’t my strong suit. I’m good with geometry and scripting. But I struggle making the images look as good as they should. These photos are my attempts to try to get better colors and realistic lighting from POV-Ray.

Waterfall was me playing around with LeoCAD as alternative to just scripting my models. I didn’t find it any easier on basic shapes, but it might be useful for more complex shapes. I found that my library fit nicely as a replacement to the built in or LGEO libraries.

[Image]Waterfall by Steven Reid, on Flickr

For my White House render I played around with the colors, textures and brightness to see if I could get a nicer coloring then the original.

[Image]21006 White House by Steven Reid, on Flickr

Lastly, here is a cropped rendering of a lizard using the new colors, shiny bricks and some altered floor textures.

7804 Lizard by SafePit, on Flickr

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