My attempt at creating a more photorealistic render of LEGO bricks.

This is the second version of my simple waterfall experiment. I limited myself to a 4x4 plate and the bricks and colors available in LDD. I added a bit more foliage and color variation to the cliff.

[Image]Waterfall by Steven Reid, on Flickr

This time, I used LDD to create the model. I then exported it to LDraw format, imported it into LeoCAD, and then exported it again to POV-Ray. That was a lot of work for a model with only 35 pieces. LDD is pretty easy to use and I found the automatic building instructions much easier than LeoCAD’s. If I continue to use either of this programs to build models, I’ll need to modify my workflow and library to make things a bit smoother. One problem is that LDD and LeoCAD offer different pieces and colors. This is a curse and a blessing depending on what I’m trying to do. For now, this is still an experiment.

I did, however, uploaded it to LEGO’s gallery if you’re interested. Those 35 pieces will set you back $14.79 (probably before taxes). I’m not yet ready for that kind of commitment. 😃

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