A Lonely Ostrich, Sometimes Simple Is Better

Inspired by the simplicity of Duplo, is my take using LEGO bricks.

The lively colors in this Duplo ostrich caught my eye and inspired me to render it. My version of this lonely ostrich uses standard LEGO bricks, I was never a big fan of Duplo, nor do I have models of them. Yet, the simplicity of the model is quite effective. The render recreates that charm well.

[Image]Ostrich by Steven Reid, on Flickr

Paper or bricks?
In the Duplo version, LEGO used paper cut outs to complete the scene. Although a nice look, it isn’t what I was going for. I decided to replace them with custom models that matched the spirit, if not the look, of the original.

I don’t like to model trees. They always seem to come out flat and boring, but I decided to try once more. Using different leaf parts, I recreated the sprawling trees of the Serengeti. The final look with grass works well.

To complete the scene, I also threw in a couple bushes. They do come in those colors, I verified before adding them. My goal was to create models others could build with real LEGO bricks.

Simple is better.
Real ostriches have much thinner necks and legs. A more realistic model is possible, but I prefer this one. Children use LEGO bricks to build what they image. Reality isn’t the intent.

I have many examples on this site of models that capture the essence, if not the form, of their subject. My daughter’s horse is one such example. Although I enjoy the complex creations others post, mine tend to fall into the “less is more” category.

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