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Enjoy This Cute Little Octopus That Floated By
I haven’t cranked out pictures as much lately. My intent was to work on my writing this month, but life and work intruded. Uninspired to write last night, I searched for something new to render. This cute little LEGO creature offered me a nice diversion. 40245 Octopus by Steven Reid, on Flickr Fl…
Posted Jul 14, 2017 by Steven 3 min read

A Lonely Ostrich, Sometimes Simple Is Better
The lively colors in this Duplo ostrich caught my eye and inspired me to render it. My version of this lonely ostrich uses standard LEGO bricks, I was never a big fan of Duplo, nor do I have models of them. Yet, the simplicity of the model is quite effective. The render recreates that charm well. O…
Posted Jun 04, 2017 by Steven 2 min read