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Can You Escape the Evil Wizard in This Random ZX81 Adventure?
Closing out September, it is time for a little adventure. SLR Venture is my attempt at creating one using the ZX81ís tiny memory footprint. Although I went on to write some more complex text games, this random game does a decent job. Good for a quick romp…
Posted Sep 30, 2019 by Steven 4 min read

Aprilís Program: RMS
Are there any D&D folks in the audience? Come on, you know who you are. Past or present doesnít matter, just if you know what Iím talking about. Why, you ask? Because RMS, Aprilís program of the month, will use your ZX81 to build monsters…
Posted Apr 29, 2015 by Steven 4 min read

Random Names
What do you do on a lazy Sunday? Write programs of course! I was reading Tim Hartnellís book Creating Adventure Games On Your Computer and ran across a little gem for generating random names. It is short and sweet and easily converted into Perl…
Posted Mar 06, 2011 by Steven 1 min read

Random Stuff
It's been busy of late. I'd been on vacation for almost 3 weeks with just a few days of work in between. My parents were in town (hi Mom) a couple of weeks ago. Then I was out of town for my wife's family. That wasn't really a vacation, though…
Posted Jul 12, 2008 by SafePit 3 min read