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It’s been busy of late. I’d been on vacation for almost 3 weeks with just a few days of work in between…

It’s been busy of late. I’d been on vacation for almost 3 weeks with just a few days of work in between. My parents were in town (hi Mom) a couple of weeks ago. Then I was out of town for my wife’s family. That wasn’t really a vacation, though. But I’m back in town and finally getting around to checking my site and doing a little a blogging. So, here are some random thoughts for the day!

Seems my map from Whos.Amung.Us stopped working while I was away. Their blog shows that they had a server failure and states that they are working to restore the pins. However, the last entry was on 6/30. Too bad as I enjoy seeing where people visit from.

My Xbox 360 is giving me fits. Seems I keep getting the red-ring-o-death. I let it warm up for a bit and it seems to work fine for awhile. I’m waiting for it to conk out altogether so I can get it replaced. It is annoying as it will freeze in the middle of games. Oh well, it gave me an excuse to play on the Wii a bit today. I’m on the last venue of Guitar Hero III on medium. Man, the songs get tough — I can’t get the hammer technique down on a computer guitar. It is much easier on a real one. I think it is the buttons, I don’t have this problem with frets. Of course, it is probably just a practice thing.

I was wandering around Best Buy today, checking out the new HP all-in-one touch screen computer. Wow is that thing sweet! The screen is awesome. It uses infrared for finger placement so the screen is the glossy glass like a TV and super sharp! Vista runs great on it and it is still cheaper then a MAC (was around $1200). Of course, I don’t have much need, or money, for a new computer. But it is pretty slick. The only drawback is I wasn’t sure what you would do with it. It is a little big for use in a kitchen which is where I thought it would make sense. The touch screen makes it nice to quickly pull up the web, check mail, etc.

While there, I also checked out a touch screen HP laptop around the same price. It was small though (12″) and the screen was blurry as it wasn’t infrared. I thought the form factor was pretty nice, but the touch screen didn’t seem to make sense in a small laptop. When would you use it? I guess you could poke at the screen instead of the touch pad. I’m so used to “not” touching the screen that I’m a bit trepidation in using a touch screen computer. Maybe it will be of more use with the new version of windows and the Surface interface is available. For now, I still enjoy my Presario V2000 and all its flaws.

Okay, enough random stuff. Off to other fun. I recorded the latest Resident Evil movie. I think that will be a nice way to end the night.

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