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Fun In The Rain?
Well, seems my vacation has run into a tiny bit of a wet spree? While where I left roasts in 100+ degree weather, Im enjoying a balmy high 60ish rainy day. I can take comfort in knowing that at least Im not at work. Below is a quick snap of the corn rows we were zipping by this morning.
Posted Jul 22, 2009 by Steven 1 min read

Road Trip!
Well, it is summer and the family decided to take it on the road so to speak. Our day started late as I still had to work, but we were able to get on the road around 1PM. I thought Id snap a picture while driving through Utah and share it with everyone. I still need to get the full size version …
Posted Jul 18, 2009 by Steven 1 min read

Random Stuff
Its been busy of late. Id been on vacation for almost 3 weeks with just a few days of work in between. My parents were in town (hi Mom) a couple of weeks ago. Then I was out of town for my wifes family. That wasnt really a vacation, though…
Posted Jul 12, 2008 by Steven 3 min read