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LEGO Moon Plates at Last

6970 Beta-1 Command Base by Steven Reid, on Flickr

I’m still playing around with recreating old LEGO models. I spent time today modeling more road plates with the intention of creating a large town image. Unfortunately, after finishing the road plates, I got side tracked on completing the old space crater plate that for me, at the time, was a gray baseplate.


Cow by Steven Reid, on Flickr

This is a “sort-of” recreation of the original cow image with the “Moo!” bubble. Unlike the original, this is a true brick cow and I’ve tried to make it more “realistic” then the original “flat” and shiny version. I had added the bubble with Paint Shop Pro on the first version. This time, I’m using CSG to do the same thing all in POV-Ray. Enjoy!

LEGO 7804 Lizard

LEGO 7804 Lizard

Ran across this really interesting LEGO set and I just “had” to render it. I needed to model a few parts I didn’t have in my library. I also threw it into the same background I used on one of my Fire Truck renders. I might change the scene a bit to better show the texture on the front slope. In all not bad for a first render.

602 Fire Truck and Radiosity

602 Fire Truck and Radiosity

I ran across this wonderful little macro by Jaime Vives Piquere to do Pseudo-HDRI lighting. I ran the macro with both POV-Ray 3.6 and 3.7 beta 31. I actually liked the 3.7 better. However, the image map I used is a bit lower resolution then I would like causing the pixilation in the background.