LEGO Moon Plates at Last

Here are updated renders of all my LEGO sets using the non space crater plates.

I’m still playing around with recreating old LEGO models. I spent time today modeling more road plates with the intention of creating a large town image. Unfortunately, after finishing the road plates, I got side tracked on completing the old space crater plate that for me, at the time, was a gray baseplate.

I’ve been missing the plate in my classic space models and, with the help of the wonderful 3947 LDraw part by Holly-Wood and the use of L3P I was able to update my larger models with a moon plate—what I call part 3947. Here are three updated images using the new part. I still think I can make these look better, but at the moment I’m as happy as a clam!

[Image]6970 Beta-1 Command Base by Steven Reid, on Flickr

[Image]483 Alpha-1 Rocket Base by Steven Reid, on Flickr

[Image]497 Galaxy Explorer by Steven Reid, on Flickr

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