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Windmill Is a Quick and Dirty zx81 Animation
There are a ton of windmills in Idaho. Mostly big ones for power, but you see a few smaller ones used for irrigation and wells. But, when I wrote this month’s programs I don’t remember any around where I lived in Indiana. No matter. I still wrote a simple windmill animation…
Posted Oct 30 by Steven 5 min read

Can you hack the computer and save the world?
“Agent 51, your goal is within reach, but there is a problem.”“Understand,” you reply. Professional as always, you only allow a hint of annoyance in your voice. “Explain.”“Well, the plans are in the room in front of you, but the floor is a trap…
Posted Jan 22 by Steven 5 min read

Can You Avoid Death in the ZX81 Game Stick Shift?
Dodging games were the rage back in the early ’80s. Wanting to add my own take on the genre, I created Stick Shift, November’s program of the month. The goal is simple. Dodge other cars, oil spills and spikes while not crashing into the wall. Mess up? Well, it’s game over for you…
Posted Nov 24, 2016 by Steven 3 min read

Bugers Will Kill You in October's ZX81 Program of the Month
While working to improve the way I display my ZX81 programs, I ran across one that didn’t have a picture. Finding that odd, I did some research and found that I’d written a page for it back in 1999. To my surprise, I’d never uploaded it…
Posted Oct 25, 2016 by Steven 3 min read