Updated Program Listing

Tuning how I list my ZX81 programs to make them look better.

Awhile back I went searching for a decent ZX81 font and ran across ZX81 VDU. I played around adding it to my site’s footer, but I really wanted to do more with it. It’s pretty good and, unlike some other fonts I found, it has all the ZX81 graphic characters. You do have to carefully choose the font size, but that is minor issue. Overall a great font that is easy to use.

A few years ago, I mentioned wanting to update my program listings using a ZX81 font. Well, I finally did just that. If you head over to Programs and list a program you’ll now see a listing that looks a lot like what you’d see if you printed it out. I did add some color though. Like before, the line numbers are a nice blue to make it easier to see them. Because using a bold font causes size issues, I show keywords as red instead. If you’re typing in the programs, you’ll appreciate the keyword highlighting.

I tried to remove the line spacing but for some reason my CSS isn’t working as expected. I think it would look smoother without out the space. That said, it seems to work and does make it easier to see the graphics on each line. I’m going to leave it for now, but don’t be surprised if I come back to it. I’d really like to use the font to create screen shots and I can’t do that with gaps in the screen.

In the end, it was a fun exercise. Now go give it a try.

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