Playing Around With Wordle: Elevating ZX81 Content Through Word Clouds

Embark on an Wordle adventure, infusing the essence of my ZX81 articles into captivating word clouds.

It isn’t all programming around here! Some days it is fun to just play around. I was adding an image to my other site which led to me reviewing some of my old Flickr images. This got me playing around with Wordle again to see what Tag Clouds I could build form the ZX81 articles.

In turn, I ran across my Wordle of Reid’s for Fun image (article here). That, of course, made me wonder what Wordle would look like against all my ZX81 articles to date. I even adjusted the colors to something more appropriate: red and black. The image came out nicely and provided a fun diversion for the evening.


# July 3, 2023 Update

Like all good things, Wordle is no more. I updated the link to the old version on Internet Archive. I did use the Mac version for a bit, but there are other ways to build word clouds. I’ll dig around a bit to see what I can build today. There are some decent JavaScript ones out there, but might be some

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