Having a Few Words with Wordle

A fun little experiment with words and my site.

I ran across Wordle while pursuing other Flickr photos. I was intrigued and decided to give it a whirl. I’d been avoiding installing Java on my machine due to my distaste for the poorly coded apps that tend to use it, but my desire to give Wordle a try overcame my desire to remain Java free. I ran it against my site with interesting results.

[Image]Wordle of Reid's for Fun by Steven Reid, on Flickr

I was actually quite surprised with what words did and didn’t make it on the list. Wordle gives you a pretty high degree of customization with just a few options. The wordle version of the image will, if you have Java installed, let you stretch it to fit your screen. If you give it a try, I’d be curious to see your results.

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