Check out This Awesome Remake of Pole Dodge

Jim Gierrie’s Tower Dodge pays homage to my Pole Dodge 2, but with a twist.

Jim notified me earlier this month that I’d missed one of his remakes of my ZX81 programs when I blogged about them earlier. Tower Dodge for the MC-10 is Jim’s version of my updated Pole Dodge 2. Not sure how I missed it as he rewrote it back in 2014. Of course, I can’t believe I wrote mine back in 2012! Time sure flies—get the pun? Anyway, let’s dive in and see what’s new.

Some new gameplay.
Unlike his other remakes where are more true to the source material, Jim spruced things up a bit in his version. Beyond the obvious use of color, he actually changed up the game play. This time, you aren’t just dodging poles, but dropping paratroopers! Of course, to do so requires some risk. In this case, you need to drop down into the poles before dropping them safely.

Now, you can now skim over the poles, of which there are a few more. But, to rack up points you need to get those troops on the ground. The animations are neat when you drop them. I was surprised when I saw his version, expecting it to play like the original. Instead, I found a unique game built on my concept. I like the new elements, including the story at the start that sets the stage for the game.

A few more changes.
Given the changes, Jim removed the lives from the game which I suspect is because it is quite a bit easier. Like mine, you keep racking up points if you don’t drop a parachute. As such, you could cheat and hang around above the towers to get the high score. But why? The fun is getting into the thick of it and getting those troops safely to the ground!

I couldn’t tell looking at his code if the plane actually runs out of fuel or not. I don’t think it does. Nor do I see the level count increase. I suspect that was just an oversight. There is what I assume is a high score displayed when you crash. Just some minor nits, but nothing that breaks the game.

One thing I did notice is the towers stop moving after you crash. It isn’t a big deal. But, It was something I purposely programed into mine. Jim did add some color and a much larger explosion though.

Overall, Jim did a great job remaking my little game. Kudos for the added game elements. It has me thinking about revisiting this game sometime in the near future.

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Pole Dodge

Written on May 19, 2018 by James Gerrie

Thanks for your comments on the game. Gives me some possibilities for improvements. Will let you know if I update my prog. Thanks for all the inspiring 8-bit Basic game concepts. --Jim

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