ZX81 Emulation and PHOTON98

My first attempt at getting a ZX81 program running on the web.

A few years back, I started to convert some of my old ZX81 programs so they could be use in various ZX81 emulators. That project was mostly my way of trying to preserve some printouts from my now faded programs. I was curious if I there was a way to emulate those programs in a web site. Surprisingly, the answer is yes!

Simon Holdsworth created JtyOne emulator based on Mike Wynne’s EightyOne emulator. I had updated one of my old programs back in 1998 so I thought it fitting, 10 years later, to make it run on the web. Since Simon graciously allows people to utilize it on their web site, you can run PHOTON98 yourself. It is a simple graphic program, so nothing to do but click the link.


Updated 1/29/2018: I updated links to point to current locations on this site. I’ve since moved to a Javascript emulator called JSZeddy, by Erik Olofsen. Simon ported the JtyOne emulator to JavaScript, but I’m not currently using it.

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Written on Nov 30, 2008 by mom1

I still have some of those yellowed papers that you printed many years ago.

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