BattlestaR Galactica Trading Card

A throw back from the seventies, a trading card for a popular TV show.

Okay, let’s see how old you really are. Anyone remember these trading cards from ’78 back when the “original” Battlestar Galactica aired. I was cleaning out the attic and found this in a bag with some of my other childhood memories. I don’t remember keeping this card, but it sure is interesting to look back and remember a different time. Hard to believe this was issued thirty years ago. I swear, it was yesterday. Wasn’t it?

[Image]Battlestar Galactica #33 (front) by Steven Reid, on Flickr

The card depicted is number 33 of 36 in the series. The back says: “Apollo and Starbuck, an unbeatable team, are planning the attack against Vulpa’s forces on Mt. Hekla.” Uh, yeah. I sure don’t remember that episode.

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