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Here Are a Few Renders to Kick of December
Trying to keep with my promise, here are my latest LEGO renders. Each is an experiment. Iím trying different techniques, or testing new ideas. Some work, and some donít. But, thatís okay. Life is about learning and trying. Why shouldnít my hobbies be the same? Letís dig in. A little Disney goes a l…
Posted Dec 06, 2017 by Steven 6 min read

Is WMP Dead and Other Music Adventures
So I picked up an Android phone this weekend and said to myself, "Hey, can I get music on this thing?" The answer, obviously, is yes. But, if you remember, I use iTunes and iPods. I bravely went off looking for iTunes to Android sync utilities…
Posted Feb 13, 2011 by SafePit 3 min read